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    " she believes in the international arena , a number of luxury brands ," cards " because the prices are more reasonable , is known as " light luxury " , Quanzhou brand now focus on quality and design of cost-effective, is also expected into the light luxury ranks.This is a barbaric invaders , there is no on-line, on the use of carpet- four winkle aroused Chinese counterparts against the common enemy , but with a massive advertising attracted the attention of numerous users .As the brand licensing in China has just started, per capita retail sales of licensed products only slightly more than 0.Light the main consumer of luxury goods groups distributed more widely , they have a certain economic conditions and appreciation of the fashion industry have a certain understanding . louis vuitton pochette bag " Lihua said, " just a few years ago, licensing business in the mainland still almost non-existent , its business model and potential business opportunities in the minds of the mainland is also very vague.

    seems to just melt was against the $ 950 million , and to tilt the Chinese market GROUPON, the previously low-key group buying site who are generous demonstrate their existence.It is reported that , in the brand licensing industry , manufacturers , after paying certain royalties to licensors , can be used on its own brand of goods or merchandise for the design of new , and the condition of merchandise sales will also work with the market for this brand proportional to the degree of awareness , help to improve merchandise sales and margins. louis vuitton mens belt On a worldwide perspective, brand licensing has become a nearly $ 200 billion industry, many companies regard the brand licensing seen as an important tool for marketing .

    louis vuitton nordstroms Since 2000 , Pierre Cardin company on the Hong Kong court proceedings , in December 2001 , the High Court ordered the "Italian Pierre Cardin ( Hong Kong ) International Limited " undo registered in Hong Kong and is responsible for compensation for economic losses .Ordinary white-collar users spending more for light luxury busy at work I occasionally reward yourself .Admittedly, the price of high-end luxury brands in stark contrast to the luxury brand in Quanzhou light also has its own market , but overall, along with the well-known chain of department stores have been settled , fast fashion , just the rise in Quanzhou .

    louis vuitton men's belt Despite the country s efforts to combat counterfeiting continue to increase , but all forms of counterfeiting has not been a fundamental change , at least in some places has not reached the " common enemies " level.It is understood that last July , Jiaxing City of Industry, based on " no less than when the anti- competitive regulations in Zhejiang Province " for processing "Pierre Cardin " clothes horse Tongxiang City Star Knitting Garment Co., confiscate the illegal gains of more than 10 million and $ 19 fines million , becoming the "Pierre Cardin " brand domestic tort litigation success stories.


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