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    In addition, the FMCG industry listed companies as well as Quanjude , Ajisen Ramen , Sports International.Among them, Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen and other places than others, and some companies even negative.An industry source has revealed that the luxury brand pricing based on market regulation, and this regulation is based on the purchasing power of consumers in different markets .According to the World Luxury Association predicts that by 2015, China will become the world s largest consumer of luxury goods . Where too buy canadian goose coat Everyone seems to recognize the "extensive " negative effect , but it seems accustomed to such hurricane pleasure, half past one would not stop.

    "Economic crisis" more performance for the history of overproduction , shrinking market , but this time the European debt crisis was presented as business interruption due to lack of funds to support production . Cotton production to get government subsidies, so the low price, high yield, that way , it became a catalyst for fast fashion globalization.53% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods , the equivalent of 6." 2012 China Leisure Development Report " shows that in 2011 the scale of China leisure consumption reached 285 million yuan central part of the residents , equivalent to 15.4 percent Lynx share topped the list, Jingdong places 20.

    Although this figure is still lower than the global average, but it is undeniable that female consumers of luxury consumption growth in China is playing an increasingly important role.In addition, with the rising cost of living in cities , industries to central and western regions , the regional economic development imbalance gradually improving , industrial R 0026 D talent " return" will be more apparent.Explore the full channel marketing era of online and offline shopping center under The strength of the manufacturer can also consider and authority , with the country s massive potential especially three or four markets third-party dealer network cooperation, the establishment of the current market environment is more suitable for Chinese retail model , thereby creating new profit point .GUCCI "8-8-2008 Limited Edition" bikeGUCCI launched with Chinese characteristics, limited edition bike in 2008 Chinese New Year ; CARTIER dragon symbol of the typical oriental -inspired design jewelry watches .100% stake in the chain s Sida case was finally settled , the right way to almost zero formal acquisition price Sida business network , totaling 109 directly operated stores , 110 franchised stores .

    Possible with our opponents a little closer , you can get a higher position in the search . Authentic 8% market share beyond the RT-Mart , Auchan, Wal-Mart climbed to second place.2003 , Chinas retail joint regional reorganization swept the country , the strength of enterprises have implemented cross-regional strategic restructuring .Metersbonwe , has been regarded as Chinas closest ZARA companies.

    In about ten years ago , the majority of luxury consumers are men, some of them will be a luxury as a gift for government officials in exchange for benefits or colleagues .Reported that the Chinese economy continued to be strong , the consumer power of mainland are also rising , the huge development potential in the luxury market , but will dominate the entire Greater China region. Authentic There are new ideas in terms of new initiatives to promote employment , protection of social harmony.Previously , Zhang is responsible for Lynx , Taobao, local life , such as poly-cost operations in Ali ." Wang told reporters that the two states have been out of the library orders , one of which shows " have been transferred to Hao Kang Express " and the other has even been deliveryman information, but Mr.

    Authentic , Shanghai New Shanghai commercial enterprises Club Limited.Kenichi girls in Zhangqian imagination , a standard " Chinese luxury consumers ," there are two split image: usually wearing suits AMARNI law-abiding , there is an own office in Beijing s high-end office buildings in the CBD , fluent in English , annual European vacation month ; or - case another " horrible" : wearing Pierre Cardin suit, tied Goldlion belt , in Mandarin with a strong accent of someone salesgirl told Hong Kongs " buy a Rolex gold watch .Tins seven amphibious combination therapy include: Tian multispectral health treatment, lipid-lowering with Tian , Tian slimming oil massage , ear Tian , Tian weight exercises , Tian nutritious diet concept.

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